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Electrical ProblemsElectrical Problems Warning Signs

Warning signs of electrical problems are too often chalked up to momentary inconveniences. Flickering lights and finicky outlets are sometimes ignored or bypassed. However, these and other signals of trouble should be taken seriously. Many fires are the result of house electrical issues. Our experts at AA All Services can investigate and correct faults that could be a threat to your safety.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are designed to trip from overloading, so an occasional incident may just mean the system is doing its job. However, if a breaker flips repeatedly under normal use or you have frequent occurrences, you should have the wiring inspected. Short circuits or overheating could be responsible.

Light Fixtures

A single light fixture flickering might be due to a loose or defective bulb, but consistent flashing or popping is a warning sign of electrical problems. Check for heat around the base of all fixtures. This may signal overloading or insufficient insulation. Be sure the bulb does not exceed the recommended wattage. This can cause overheating, which could be damaging to wiring.

Switches and Outlets

Wiring problems could be responsible for switches and outlets that work intermittently or not at all. Bypassing a dead socket with an extension cord might cause more trouble by overloading the circuit. Outlets that are loose can be hazardous and should be professionally inspected and repaired. Take note of hot cords on appliances, and check safety switches in bathroom and kitchen areas. If you experience sparks stronger than static charges when touching appliances, you may have grounding or other house electrical issues that need to be addressed.

Safety Check

If you notice these or any other warning signs in your home, call us at 972-263-3100. At AA All Services, we perform safety inspections and repair electrical problems to ensure you and your house are safe and secure.

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