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Preparing Your Air Conditioning System for the Fall

Air Conditioning System

For many homeowners, preparing for the coming fall weather is simple. They just out a light jacket to combat the lower temperatures. However, smart homeowners recognize that there are few more steps to prepping for the fall season. One such step is making preparations for your air conditioning system. Chances are, you won’t be using the AC as often as you were during the summer. At least, we certainly hope not.

Change the Air Filter

First and foremost, it’s a smart idea to swap out the old air filter. You should be doing this once per month, depending on your system and the type of filter, but many homeowners forget. Leaving in a dirty air filter can lead to unpleasant conditions. For example, a dirty, old filter may cause lackluster cooling, cause your system to overwork itself, or release dust into the air. Swap it out regularly!

Schedule a Cleaning

Yes, your air conditioning system deserves a little pampering. Before the fall, consider scheduling air conditioning maintenance with a nice side of cleaning, too. The inner coils, outer casing, and often-used controls should be thoroughly wiped down before temperatures begin to drop outdoors.

Maintenance Check-Ups

There’s only so much homeowners can accomplish on their own. That’s okay, though. For everything else, there are professionals who know your system inside and out. That’s why we highly recommend scheduling a maintenance check-up for your unit. A technician can catch even minor problems before they escalate into something far worse and far more expensive to repair. Consider it as an investment—both in your home and your wallet.

Schedule professional air conditioning maintenance with AA All Services before the fall. Give us a call to arrange an appointment at 817-735-4800!

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