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Must-Do Electrical Summer ChecklistElectrical System Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that all of your electrical systems are up and running correctly. During the hot summer months, your electricity is used quite frequently to run your air conditioning unit in order to keep your home cool. At AA All Services, we know that our customers want to save money, which is why we encourage you to check your systems throughout the season by following this must-do summer checklist.

Check Your Thermostat Settings

If the thermostat settings on your air conditioner are not correct, you could end up using much more power and energy than you should be. Choose a comfortable temperature, but don’t crank the air down so low that your system has to work in overdrive in order to cool your home down to that level. Installing a programmable thermostat is a good way to save.

Check Your GFCIs

Ground fault circuit interrupters are important outlets that help prevent electrical shocks. The outlets in your home that feature “test” and “reset” buttons are GFCIs and shut off power to the outlet when there is a disturbance in current. A malfunctioning GFCI can be extremely dangerous, so it is important to take the time to check them throughout the summer. Follow these steps for proper testing:

  • Plug a small appliance, such as a nightlight, into the outlet.
  • Press the test button, which should turn off the light and pop the reset button out.
  • Press reset and the light should turn back on.

If the light does not turn off when you press the test button, you will need to replace your GFCI or have a professional check the wiring. It is important to contact a qualified electrician for help with electrical repair. The AA All Services team is ready to help. Contact us today at 972-263-3100.

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