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Lighting Options During the Dark Months

The winter months bring many challenges with them: frozen-over windshields, runny noses and sniffles, and never enough blankets for coziness. But winter also means overall dimness; they’re not called the dark months for nothing, after all! Here are some tips to make this winter a little brighter.

Maximize natural light sources

Sunlight has many beneficial properties. Let’s be honest, no one hates the sunlight, and in the winter this is never more true. Use sheer drapes over your windows during the day for privacy, but don’t close your heavy curtains until after dark. Use mirrors opposite your largest windows to reflect and multiply the natural light; the ancient Egyptians knew this trick, and it still works today! The MythBusters tackled this one back in 2011.

Glow it up!

Candles are one of mankind’s greatest inventions; invaluable in times of emergency, they are also highly portable. You don’t have to be tied down by cords anymore! Lanterns powered by a tealight and utilizing a mirror provide a wonderful ambiance. Flameless candles are another great option, providing the same look and feel of traditional flame candles with almost zero fire hazard. Just make sure to stock up on the correct type of batteries in advance.

Play the numbers game

In winter, you can never have too many light sources to make up for lost daylight. Table and floor lamps are a great option, and you can take them down and store them as spring comes rolling in. You can also try switching out lower-wattage bulbs for brighter, more energy-efficient options. Dimmers may also be a great choice to help with the transition to bedtime at the end of the day.

Take light to task!

Task lighting is going to be your new best friend this winter. In spring and summer, it’s hard to realize that you might need to add lighting to your favorite reading nook or work desk in the winter. Desk lamps are a portable, efficient option for these intermittent lighting needs. Multi-arm floor lamps with adjustable “reading” lamps are another great choice.

Corner the market

Brighten up dark abysses in the corners of your main rooms with floor lamps or hanging lanterns. Those short days will feel less gloomy if your entire room is bright and cheery.

Dine and dazzle

If your normal dinner time is early evening, you might begin to feel like you’ve hit the Twilight Zone as full-dark comes earlier and earlier. One way to combat this disconnect is by increasing the lighting over your dining area. Use higher wattage bulbs overhead, or table and desk lamps on sideboards to increase overall lighting. Add some ambiance with a centerpiece of candles or lanterns to bring the whole look together.

Socket switch-up!

Regular light bulbs are fine for most days, but sometimes, you need an extra boost. It might help in the winter to purchase “full-spectrum” bulbs. These are the closest thing to natural sunlight available on the market. They come in so many options (incandescent, fluorescent, and LED) that it should be easy for you to find bulbs to fit your current system. Sometimes, blue spectrum light options are a good choice; some studies claim this light spectrum is better for mental focus and alertness. However, for the most part, avoid blue lights in your bedroom; that’s where you don’t want to be too alert, after all. There are even new built-in systems that utilize color-changing LEDs; these can be calibrated to boost your energy levels during the daytime, and help you tone down in the evenings.

There are tons of great options out there now, so if you need help navigating all the choices, All Services is here to help! Our friendly staff are ready and willing to assist you. Give us a call today!

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