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Surge ProtectionIs Surge Protection Necessary for your House?

The effects of power surges can be costly; the Insurance Information Institute reported in 2008 that damage from lightning strikes and power surges collectively topped $1 billion. Some homeowners have heard that whole-house surge protector systems can prevent such damage, while others have heard that these systems are excessive. At AA All Services, we strongly recommend that homeowners consider a whole-house system and understand the following important surge protection facts.

What Whole-House Protection Can Prevent

A whole-house surge protection system will prevent damage from power surges that originate outside of the home. These surges occur when external power is disrupted or increased dramatically. This can occur for various reasons, including the following situations:

  • A power line is knocked down.
  • Lightning strikes a power line.
  • Your utility company performs a grid switch.

If the increase in power is too great, a basic point-of-use surge protector may not offer enough protection. A whole-house system is designed specifically for larger surges, so it can prevent the excess electricity from entering your home.

Why Other Protection Is Still Needed

Some homeowners believe that installing a whole-house Fort Worth surge protection system is all they need to do to protect their appliances and electronics. However, many power surges originate inside the home. For example, when larger appliances such as air conditioners switch off, the power will surge. If you only have a whole-home surge protector in place, your other appliances and electronics may still be damaged. Therefore, it’s ideal to couple a whole-house surge protector with point-of-use units situated near your more expensive items.

Finding the Optimal Solution

At AA All Services, we install whole-house surge protection systems to accommodate homes of all sizes. We also perform any electrical maintenance necessary to ensure your home stays protected. To schedule a consultation or learn more about our electrical protection options, please contact us today at 972-263-3100 to get started.

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