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Fix Flickering Light Four Ways to Fix Flickering Light Problems

A flickering light is not only irritating, but it can also prevent you from adequately being able to light your home. If you have a few flickering lights scattered throughout your household, at AA All Services, there are few methods we recommend to fix a flickering light in your home.

1. Dimming Lights

When lights start to flicker, they may also make an annoying buzzing sound. This problem is particularly prevalent in rooms with a dimmer switch. In order to fix a flickering light in this situation, try replacing the current light bulb for one designed for heavy duty situations, otherwise known as a rough-service type bulb.

2. Florescent Fixtures

Florescent lights are optimal lighting solutions in garages, workshops, basements, and any other room that needs a bright source of light. However, they are also extremely prone to flickering. Typically when this occurs, there is a problem with the light’s starter. In most florescent fixtures, you will need to get to this device by removing the light’s bulb. Once you’ve done this, you can end the flickering by making sure that the starter is fully clipped into place. If this doesn’t stop the flickering, you may want to consider taking the old starter to the hardware store and purchasing a replacement.

3. Lamps

Lamps with a glass covering, like the ones that may be on your ceiling, have a tendency to flicker. To stop the light from flickering, cut out a small square of rubber, from either a tire patch kit or pair of rubber gloves, and position it between the areas where the mounting screws come into contact with the light’s glass covering.

4. Call a Pro

Unfortunately, even the most diligent efforts to fix flickering light problems may not be fruitful without the assistance of an electrical professional. For Fort Worth electrical repair, contact us at AA All Services today by calling 817-735-4800.



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