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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Although lighting is primarily used for function and security, lighting can add new dimensions to landscaping to instantly beautify the exterior of the home. AA All Services provides landscape lighting in addition to many other services to provide comfort and beauty to the interior and exterior of the home.


Spotlighting can provide subtle lighting where not directly lit, but brightly where concentrated. This type of lighting is used to place emphasis on particular objects in the yard. For instance, a water fountain or a particularly large oak tree may be spotlighted. It adds dimension to a darkened yard and provides a gentle and cozy, yet stunning yard. Spotlights can run on standard electricity or solar lights may be used.


As the name implies, backlighting uses light that is placed behind objects, rather than pointing at them with spotlighting. These types of outdoor lighting are used in an effort to create a silhouette on walls and other surfaces of particular pieces of art or foliage.


This “all-over” form of lighting is best used for security purposes. Downlighting is accomplished when lights are placed above objects in an effort to light all surrounding areas. It can be used to mimic natural lighting, such as light from the moon. Downlighting can also be used as a spotlight, but so too for flood lights.

Path Lighting

Landscape Lighting and Path lighting

Path Lighting is a form of landscape lighting used to light any pathway, such as a driveway, sidewalk, walkway or other path. Despite being used to light pathways and being relatively low to the ground, the light emitted from each extends outward to provide subtle lighting in the surrounding areas.

Special Lighting

Outdoor Landscape Lighting

This form of outdoor lighting is used to simulate other effects, such as light reflection from water. These enhance the atmosphere of the area and can also take the form of a string of lights, torch lights and other lighting in an effort to create a particular mood, such as flickering lights to mimic candles or a fire for a more romantic atmosphere.

Despite their expertise in landscape lighting and residential electrical services, AA All Services is a leader in the electrical, heating, and air conditioning industry. Contact our Fort Worth electrician at 972-263-3100 for your lighting installation today.


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