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Outdoor Lighting InstallationAdvantages of Exterior Outlet & Outdoor Lighting Installation

Why be limited by square footage indoors when you have a whole backyard to enjoy? AA All Services can brighten your residential lot with outdoor lighting installation. Besides adding space, you will reap the safety benefits of exterior lighting, and with the extra convenience of electrical outlet installation, you could realize economical advantages as well.

Extended Living Area

One way to extend the available living space of your home is through outdoor lighting. You might enjoy a quiet evening in your garden or delight in inviting more friends than your den can hold. There is no need for the fun to end at dusk on long summer evenings, and the early sundown of cooler months should not prevent the use of your patio or grill. Exterior outlets provide the added benefit of plugging in your entertainment system, mini fridge, or ice cream maker right where they are needed.


Outdoor lighting installation is a proven deterrent against crime and is very helpful if you come home in the dark. Accidents can be prevented by illuminating the path to avoid tripping over unseen obstacles. Backyard equipment and patio edges are clearly visible, and stairs are less treacherous. Outdoor outlets help avoid electrical overload and keep extension cords from stretching across walkways.

Ecology and Economy

Without electrical outlet installation, you have to open a window or door to run an extension cord into the house for power. The opening allows free exchange of inside and outside air, working against your home’s insulation and weather-stripping. Your HVAC system must cycle more often to modify the temperature of the invading air while the comfortable climate it has created flies out the window. Plugging in outside saves energy usage and lowers your utility bills.

Doing It Right

Exterior outlets and lights must be weatherproof and waterproof. Our team at AA All Services can handle your outdoor lighting installation and power your backyard safely. Call us at 972-263-3100 to begin enjoying all of your property.

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