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Heating System Inspection And Winterizing Your Home

Heating System Inspection

Preparing for cold weather means more than just getting your sweaters out of storage. There are a few things you should do around the house to make sure your home is in order. For example, find a reputable company to perform a heating system inspection in Fort Worth. At AA All Services, we know how to keep your Texas home running smoothly in cooler temperatures.

Important Steps to Take

Forty-degree weather will soon have you reaching for your thermostat. Before you turn on the furnace, consider having a professional perform a heater inspection. This can ensure your system will safely and efficiently heat your home. Additional steps to winterize your home include:

  • Having your ducts cleaned, which can prevent wasting money and energy
  • Reverse the direction of your ceiling fans, as this pushes warm air downward
  • Work with a company that provides surge protection, as cooler weather means space heaters and more time spent indoors running electricity
  • Check your smoke detectors, as fires tend to happen more often in winter

As much as 35 percent of air leakage can come from small openings in your doors and windows, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Check for loose doors and drafts coming from windows and have them repairs to prevent losing warm air.

Trust a Professional

AA All Services trained technicians who can help you prepare your house for cold weather. Before you start heating your home, we can make sure your furnace is running properly and check your electrical system as well. Call us at (972) 263-3100 to schedule an appointment today.


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