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Snake in a Breaker Box…. Huh?!

Snakes on a Plane Wire?

With warming temperatures here in Fort Worth, wildlife we haven’t seen since last summer has begun roaming more. Lizards, spiders, and yes, snakes, all move more in the warm summer temperatures. Generally, Fort Worth homeowners will not see snakes; but this is never a guarantee, especially here in central Texas.

If you are experiencing electrical issues, and call out your local Fort Worth electrician, the last thing you want to hear is a scream of terror from the direction of the breaker box.

Seriously, a snake in the breaker box?

It happened to one family in Mississippi last year. The husband was the one who opened the breaker box and found the electrocuted reptile, but this odd occurrence is not unheard of in other areas.

In central Texas, we have warm days and cool nights. Reptiles are cold-blooded, which means they must seek sources of external heat to warm their bodies. Some snakes also have electrical sensors, which means a breaker box may shine for them like a warm fire on the hearth in an Alaskan winter blizzard. Because snakes are extremely flexible, they may have no trouble getting into the breaker box.

But then again, getting in is always easier than getting out.

So, whether or not the snake is dead when someone goes to open your breaker box, it is always wise to be cautious.

Rules for preventing snake bites

Now, while it is not a guarantee that you, your neighbor, or anyone in Fort Worth may find a snake in their breaker box this summer, let’s go over some general rules that adapt easily to other areas around your home.

Snakes like warmth when it is cool.

This means any location that stays warm overnight in central Texas could potentially become a snake-hostel for the night. This can include a breaker box, an overturned wheelbarrow, the engine compartment of a vehicle, and many more familiar items and places around your Fort Worth home. Know the types of spots a snake might be likely to seek lodging in for the night, and use caution in the early morning if you must work around those locations and items.

Be dodgy.

If you have to lift the overturned wheelbarrow or access another potential snake-hotel, give it a quick nudge with your foot before you go grabbing it up. Make sure you are wearing closed-toed, closed-heeled shoes, and be ready to step out of range should a wedge-shaped head come darting out at the disturbance.

Use your head.

Once you have revealed the interior of your overnight snake bed and breakfast, should you locate a late-checkout reptile, move back. Move slowly, but steadily, away from the legless creature, and keep your eyes on it. Reptiles generally move slower when weather is cool, but will always surprise a person with their speed when startled. If the snake moves toward you, continue to back away, while watching the snake’s movements. Generally, snakes will leave a human’s presence rather than continue to hang around. If you step far enough away, the snake will often turn around and move away from you.

Know your wildlife removal expert’s number.

If the snake does not leave readily after you have removed their cool-weather shelter option, you may need to contact a skilled and licensed wildlife removal expert. Generally, if you do not have access to that information off the top of your head, your local law enforcement agency should be able to assist you.

Prevent snake-friendly vacation spots in your home and yard.

Keeping grass mowed to a manageable level prevents snakes from using your lawn as a hunting spot. Outdoor lights attract flying insects. Flying insects attract frogs and lizards. Frogs and lizards are what many snakes feast on. Some snakes will associate an outdoor light with a buffet, like the Dunkin’ Donuts of the reptile world. Do not leave overturned wheelbarrows or storage containers in your yard, if at all possible.

Snake Strike Zone

If you have the misfortune to open a breaker box or lift a wheelbarrow and encounter a threatened snake, move back as quickly as possible. A snake can generally strike up to three-fourths of their total body length. Get out of this range as quickly as possible, and then remain still. Watch the snake. Generally, a snake only strikes when threatened at close range. Once you are out of the strike-zone, there should be enough space for the snake to feel safe enough to leave, away from you.

For more information….

There are only 15 potentially dangerous snake species in Texas, and the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife maintains an extremely informative webpage on snake identification and tips for dealing with snakes. For more tips on preventing snake invasions and dealing with one if you’ve got one, check this out!



Winter is Here, Time for a Heating System Checkup

As chilly temperatures move into the Metroplex, it is time to start thinking about having regular maintenance on your heating system to get it ready for the season. A winter tune-up will not only keep your system working well, it can lower your energy costs, add life to your system, and give you peace of mind knowing that you’ll be toasty inside when the weather outside is frightful.

All Service AC and Electric is your heating furnace maintenance professional and that begins with installing a clean air filter to prolong the its service life

DIY Heating System Checks

There are a few things you can do yourself to make sure your heating system is in peak condition all season long. First, make sure the furnace filter is replaced every month. You should also be vacuuming your floor vents every season as the cobwebs, dirt, and dust that accumulate can interrupt air flow and irritate allergies.

Also, if you’re not already changing the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector when the clocks are changed in the spring and fall, a great time to put in fresh batteries is when you get your winter heating tune-up scheduled.

All Service AC and Electric is your heating furnace maintenance professional and that begins with replacing a dirty air filter with a clean air filter

Professional Heater Tune-up

At the beginning of each heating season, you’ll want to have a professional give your heating system a complete checkup to make sure it is running smoothly and safely. The internal components of your heating system can be dangerous so you’ll want to leave this part to the pros. Some of the things they will do include:

  • Checking and lubricating fans
  • Cleaning and inspecting components
  • Testing the heat exchanger
  • Testing your thermostat
  • Tightening and checking connections
  • Checking for proper gas pressure, if applicable
  • Don’t Get Left in the Cold!

The worst time to discover that your heating system has a problem is when the temperatures drop, the roads are icy, and service companies are booked with emergencies. Schedule your heating furnace tune-up today by calling (972)-263-3100.


Fixing Exposed Electrical Wires

Exposed electrical wires can pose a threat to the safety of your home and family. Faulty electrical systems are the cause of many fires, and exposed wires carry the added risk of shock. At AA All Services, we are available to help, day or night, to assure that any threat does not turn into a disaster.

Our Master Electricians are fully capable of isolating possible electrical problems and make repairs on exposed wiring in Dallas and Fort Worth Texas

The Hazard of Exposed Wires

Electricity has become so much a part of everyday life that it is easy to forget the formidable power it contains. Exposed live wires can carry deadly voltage. The outer insulation is designed to protect from shock and also to shield the wire from water and excessive heat. Without insulation, the risk of fire is increased and contact could have severe consequences.

Possible Causes

Age is a major factor in the development of exposed electrical wires. Cracking and peeling of the wrapping is a warning sign of deterioration. Home repairs may have left a job done poorly or unsafely. Overheating from using high wattage bulbs or overloading outlets may have damaged the insulation.

Reasons to Call for Help

There are several reasons why you should not attempt to repair electrical wiring yourself, including the following:

In Dallas and Fort Worth All Services AC and Electric have master electricians to diagnose and repair all electrical problems and provide upgrades if needed

• Dangers to personal safety
• Repairs may not be done properly
• Does not address prevention of similar issues

The risks of working with electricity far outweigh any apparent financial advantage, as an accident can be fatal. Attempting repair without the necessary knowledge and skills could lead to creation of more safety threats and would not correct the issue that caused the exposed electrical wires in the first place. Old or damaged materials need to be replaced before the same problem occurs elsewhere.

Help Is Available 24/7

Our experts at AA All Services are on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you find exposed electrical wiring, call us at 972-263-3100. You can rest assured that we will respond to your needs, perform quality work and address prevention issues to keep you and your loved ones safe.


Advantages of Exterior Outlet & Outdoor Lighting Installation

Outdoor Lighting InstallationWhy be limited by square footage indoors when you have a whole backyard to enjoy? AA All Services can brighten your residential lot with outdoor lighting installation. Besides adding space, you will reap the safety benefits of exterior lighting, and with the extra convenience of electrical outlet installation, you could realize economical advantages as well.

Extended Living Area

One way to extend the available living space of your home is through outdoor lighting. You might enjoy a quiet evening in your garden or delight in inviting more friends than your den can hold. There is no need for the fun to end at dusk on long summer evenings, and the early sundown of cooler months should not prevent the use of your patio or grill. Exterior outlets provide the added benefit of plugging in your entertainment system, mini fridge, or ice cream maker right where they are needed.


Outdoor lighting installation is a proven deterrent against crime and is very helpful if you come home in the dark. Accidents can be prevented by illuminating the path to avoid tripping over unseen obstacles. Backyard equipment and patio edges are clearly visible, and stairs are less treacherous. Outdoor outlets help avoid electrical overload and keep extension cords from stretching across walkways.

Ecology and Economy

Without electrical outlet installation, you have to open a window or door to run an extension cord into the house for power. The opening allows free exchange of inside and outside air, working against your home’s insulation and weather-stripping. Your HVAC system must cycle more often to modify the temperature of the invading air while the comfortable climate it has created flies out the window. Plugging in outside saves energy usage and lowers your utility bills.

Doing It Right

Exterior outlets and lights must be weatherproof and waterproof. Our team at AA All Services can handle your outdoor lighting installation and power your backyard safely. Call us at 972-263-3100 to begin enjoying all of your property.


Top Warning Signs of Electrical Problems

Electrical ProblemsElectrical Problems Warning Signs

Warning signs of electrical problems are too often chalked up to momentary inconveniences. Flickering lights and finicky outlets are sometimes ignored or bypassed. However, these and other signals of trouble should be taken seriously. Many fires are the result of house electrical issues. Our experts at AA All Services can investigate and correct faults that could be a threat to your safety.

Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are designed to trip from overloading, so an occasional incident may just mean the system is doing its job. However, if a breaker flips repeatedly under normal use or you have frequent occurrences, you should have the wiring inspected. Short circuits or overheating could be responsible.

Light Fixtures

A single light fixture flickering might be due to a loose or defective bulb, but consistent flashing or popping is a warning sign of electrical problems. Check for heat around the base of all fixtures. This may signal overloading or insufficient insulation. Be sure the bulb does not exceed the recommended wattage. This can cause overheating, which could be damaging to wiring.

Switches and Outlets

Wiring problems could be responsible for switches and outlets that work intermittently or not at all. Bypassing a dead socket with an extension cord might cause more trouble by overloading the circuit. Outlets that are loose can be hazardous and should be professionally inspected and repaired. Take note of hot cords on appliances, and check safety switches in bathroom and kitchen areas. If you experience sparks stronger than static charges when touching appliances, you may have grounding or other house electrical issues that need to be addressed.

Safety Check

If you notice these or any other warning signs in your home, call us at 972-263-3100. At AA All Services, we perform safety inspections and repair electrical problems to ensure you and your house are safe and secure.


Important Summer Storm Safety Tips

Summer Storm Safety TipsWhat to do during storm – Safety Tips

It is not uncommon to hear about the dangers caused by the snow and severe cold of winter storms. Comparatively, summer storms receive relatively little attention. However, the thunder, lightning, and strong winds that often accompany Fort Worth summer storms can pose a serious safety risk. Use these summer storm safety tips from AA All Services to protect yourself and your home when a thunder storm strikes.

Have the Right Supplies

One of the most important summer storm safety tips is to keep a kit with emergency supplies on hand. The kit should include flashlights and halogen lanterns in case of a power outage, as well as enough food, water, and essential medication to last about 48 hours. Summer storms rarely trap people in their homes, but heavy rain can wash out roads and bridges, making it hard to get to a store and restock.

Keep Up With Maintenance

A good deal of summer storm safety is also preventative. Check the roof at the beginning of storm season and nail down any loose shingles. Keep an eye on trees around the house. Cut back overhanging branches and consider removing old trees entirely. Get a qualified electrician to check up on your electrical system to ensure that it is protected against surges.

Avoid Going Out in Storms

Lighting is not the only danger that comes with summer storms. Strong winds and large hail can also cause injury or property damage. Whenever possible, it is best to stay inside when a storm is approaching, and avoid going out in it entirely. Most summer storms are over fairly quickly, so simply wait inside for it to blow over. If you are driving, you may want to consider pulling over if you can do so safely.

By following these summer storm safety tips, you and your family can be better prepared in the event that a routine storm turns dangerous. For help preparing your home for power surges caused by summer storms call AA All Services at 817-735-4800.


Must-Do Electrical Summer Checklist

Must-Do Electrical Summer ChecklistElectrical System Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure that all of your electrical systems are up and running correctly. During the hot summer months, your electricity is used quite frequently to run your air conditioning unit in order to keep your home cool. At AA All Services, we know that our customers want to save money, which is why we encourage you to check your systems throughout the season by following this must-do summer checklist.

Check Your Thermostat Settings

If the thermostat settings on your air conditioner are not correct, you could end up using much more power and energy than you should be. Choose a comfortable temperature, but don’t crank the air down so low that your system has to work in overdrive in order to cool your home down to that level. Installing a programmable thermostat is a good way to save.

Check Your GFCIs

Ground fault circuit interrupters are important outlets that help prevent electrical shocks. The outlets in your home that feature “test” and “reset” buttons are GFCIs and shut off power to the outlet when there is a disturbance in current. A malfunctioning GFCI can be extremely dangerous, so it is important to take the time to check them throughout the summer. Follow these steps for proper testing:

  • Plug a small appliance, such as a nightlight, into the outlet.
  • Press the test button, which should turn off the light and pop the reset button out.
  • Press reset and the light should turn back on.

If the light does not turn off when you press the test button, you will need to replace your GFCI or have a professional check the wiring. It is important to contact a qualified electrician for help with electrical repair. The AA All Services team is ready to help. Contact us today at 972-263-3100.


Is Whole-House Surge Protection Necessary?

Surge ProtectionIs Surge Protection Necessary for your House?

The effects of power surges can be costly; the Insurance Information Institute reported in 2008 that damage from lightning strikes and power surges collectively topped $1 billion. Some homeowners have heard that whole-house surge protector systems can prevent such damage, while others have heard that these systems are excessive. At AA All Services, we strongly recommend that homeowners consider a whole-house system and understand the following important surge protection facts.

What Whole-House Protection Can Prevent

A whole-house surge protection system will prevent damage from power surges that originate outside of the home. These surges occur when external power is disrupted or increased dramatically. This can occur for various reasons, including the following situations:

  • A power line is knocked down.
  • Lightning strikes a power line.
  • Your utility company performs a grid switch.

If the increase in power is too great, a basic point-of-use surge protector may not offer enough protection. A whole-house system is designed specifically for larger surges, so it can prevent the excess electricity from entering your home.

Why Other Protection Is Still Needed

Some homeowners believe that installing a whole-house Fort Worth surge protection system is all they need to do to protect their appliances and electronics. However, many power surges originate inside the home. For example, when larger appliances such as air conditioners switch off, the power will surge. If you only have a whole-home surge protector in place, your other appliances and electronics may still be damaged. Therefore, it’s ideal to couple a whole-house surge protector with point-of-use units situated near your more expensive items.

Finding the Optimal Solution

At AA All Services, we install whole-house surge protection systems to accommodate homes of all sizes. We also perform any electrical maintenance necessary to ensure your home stays protected. To schedule a consultation or learn more about our electrical protection options, please contact us today at 972-263-3100 to get started.


Four Ways to Fix Flickering Light Problems

Fix Flickering Light A flickering light is not only irritating, but it can also prevent you from adequately being able to light your home. If you have a few flickering lights scattered throughout your household, at AA All Services, there are few methods we recommend to fix a flickering light in your home.

1. Dimming Lights

When lights start to flicker, they may also make an annoying buzzing sound. This problem is particularly prevalent in rooms with a dimmer switch. In order to fix a flickering light in this situation, try replacing the current light bulb for one designed for heavy duty situations, otherwise known as a rough-service type bulb.

2. Florescent Fixtures

Florescent lights are optimal lighting solutions in garages, workshops, basements, and any other room that needs a bright source of light. However, they are also extremely prone to flickering. Typically when this occurs, there is a problem with the light’s starter. In most florescent fixtures, you will need to get to this device by removing the light’s bulb. Once you’ve done this, you can end the flickering by making sure that the starter is fully clipped into place. If this doesn’t stop the flickering, you may want to consider taking the old starter to the hardware store and purchasing a replacement.

3. Lamps

Lamps with a glass covering, like the ones that may be on your ceiling, have a tendency to flicker. To stop the light from flickering, cut out a small square of rubber, from either a tire patch kit or pair of rubber gloves, and position it between the areas where the mounting screws come into contact with the light’s glass covering.

4. Call a Pro

Unfortunately, even the most diligent efforts to fix flickering light problems may not be fruitful without the assistance of an electrical professional. For Fort Worth electrical repair, contact us at AA All Services today by calling 817-735-4800.




Call an Electrician When Adding Electrical Outlets

Adding Electrical OutletsMany people attempt to complete home projects on their own for the main purpose of saving money. While there are certainly some projects that can be completed safely on your own, adding additional electrical outlets generally doesn’t fall under the category of easy do-it-yourself jobs. At AA All Services, we understand that you want to save money. We also know that by having the job done safely and correctly, you will be saving time and money.

Here are three reasons to call us when adding electrical outlets:

1. Knowledgeable Electricians

Most people enjoy trying new things. While this statement is certainly true, and we agree with branching out and experiencing life, attempting electrical work without a solid understanding of the complexities of the job is dangerous. Just as you wouldn’t allow an inexperienced friend to attempt to build your entire house as a test project, you shouldn’t gamble with your electrical needs. Our skilled electricians perform Fort Worth electrical repair work safely and correctly each and every day.

2. Internet Tips May Lack Complete Information

If you have used the Internet for text or video tips, you know that sometimes information may be missing or confusing. When adding outlets, you certainly don’t want to take a chance that one or two steps are missing critical information.

3. Additional Services

It may be possible that you are having remodeling work done in addition to adding electrical outlets. If so, our professional team can assist you with remodeling services such as the following:

  • Outdoor lighting
  • Home additions
  • Specialty electrical products
  • Kitchen and bathroom updates
  • Specific remodeling plans

Contact one of our friendly professionals at AA All Services today by calling 817-735-4800. We can help you with adding electrical outlets, air conditioning, heating, remodeling and additional services. For your convenience, we are available 24 hours a day for emergency situations.